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Cigarette Case Condensed Metal Cigarette Case Clamshell Gift Box is Suitable for Men to Carry Out


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Commodity name: Guipai cigarette caseMain material: high density cold rolled sheetProduct size: as shownSuitable for the crowd: smokersProduct style: exquisite retroThe outer shell of the cigarette case is made of high-quality and high-density cold-rolled sheet. which is resistant to compression and wear. and is retro-made.Packing: boxedPackage Contents:1*1*1Product*Instructions*Packing box
When you only want to smoke a few cigarettes. having to carry a whole cigarette with you can be painful. and most of your pipes are uncomfortable around. Our ultra-thin cigar box slides neatly into the pocket of a trouser or suit jacket. It feels great and even looks good.
Semi-closed to make your cigarettes fresher: take time to smoke Don’t want to keep sharing your cigarettes just to get rid of trouble Keeping them in our cigarette boxes will help maintain their freshness and prevent them from being accidentally pressed in your pocket.
Want to impress When other people smoke from the crumpled package. you will gently open the noble's cigarette case. dazzling the beholder with your own style. Look at the gentleman or the city scenery.
The perfect gift: suitable for business people or gentlemen who appreciate the good things in life. Comes with a classic brand gift box.
Installation and after-sales service --- There are exquisite and detailed instructions on the package. If you have any questions. please feel free to consult the 24-hour customer service team.